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Wholesale Opportunities and Volume Discounts

Wholesale Opportunities

A) Retail or online sites - Inquiry Adventures has the wholesale rights to many of its products. If yo are a retail store or online site interested in caring any of our products please contact us for a quote. 

B) Third party retailers - Perhaps you are running a conference or are a non-profit and looking to for opportunities to increase your revenue stream or want your customers or clients to have access to Inquiry Adventure's products. We can provide you product at a discounted price. You choose how much to sell our products for at your venue and then return whatever you don't sell back to us. Your keep the profit. 

Large Volume Discounts

We can provide large volume discounts for organizations interested in purchasing a large variety and/or volume of Inquiry Adventures' products to its employees or clients. As a retailer of a variety of products that would otherwise only be available from separate companies, we are able to offer larger discounts and a more efficient service. As a single source for your experiential supply needs, you won't have to secure volume pricing and separate shipping costs from a multitude or experiential education product producers.  

For example, we have worked with BC Children's hospital, the Burnaby School District, the Portland School District to help them meet their high volume experiential education supply needs at great pricing. 

Please contact us at info@inquiryadventures to inquire about any wholesale or large volume discounts.