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About Us

Sheldon Franken established Inquiry Adventures in 2012. Inquiry Adventures provide workshops and tools designed to support educators, counsellors, and a variety of other professional groups in using experiential (hands-on) methods to address the social-emotional learning, mental wellness, and team-building needs of our communities. 

Sheldon has been a school counsellor in the Metro Vancouver area for the past 17 years. Previous to being a school counsellor, Sheldon was an outdoor education facilitator. In his experiences as both a school counsellor and outdoor education facilitator, Sheldon learned first hand how engagement in emotional and kinaesthetic based activities within a safe and supportive environment can help develop the core attributes of social-emotional learning for both groups (teams, classrooms, workplaces) and individuals.

Inquiry Adventures uses the Collaborative for Social and Emotional Learning's (CASEL) attributes form which to frame and debrief each tool and activity. 

CASEL has identified the five attributes of Social-Emotional Learning as:

  • Self Awareness
  • Social Awareness
  • Self Management
  • Relationship Skills
  • Responsible Decision Making

These social-emotional attributes are the building blocks for resiliency and strong personal and mental wellness. 

Inquiry Adventures objectives is to expose educators, counsellors, and other professionals to using  experiential education as a methodology to help address the social-emotional learning needs of their populations. Inquiry Adventures has had the opportunity to provide workshops and work first hand with a variety different groups who are looking for opportunities to foster a more active method of deepening their social emotional learning toolbox.

Here is list of past and future organizations that Inquiry Adventures  supported

Inquiry Adventures also sells active and experiential tools that compliment social emotional learning as well as general learning goal. We are the only organization where you can purchase products from Thumball, Youthlight, ULead and Wood N' Barnes publishing all from one site. 

Besides on our website, some of our thumballs can be purchased at the following retail locations:

Odin Books - Vancouver 

Tools for Kids

Please contact us to inquire how Inquiry Adventures can potentially support your organization.


Sheldon Franken

Director / Owner of Inquiry Adventures


Inquiry Adventures is a Canadian Company located in Vancouver, BC