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Inquiry Adventures provides professional development in using games and activities to promote social emotional learning (self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making social-awareness, and relationship skills), mental wellness, and team-building. Our specificity is working with educational and counselling affiliated organizations. When working with these types of organizations we accomplish two objectives:

1) To Provide an active and meaningful experience for professionals to engage in their own social and emotional learning practices. This would include participating in activities that facilitate participants to reflect upon their own  self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making skills. 

2) To experience first hand how to use hands-on and kinesthetic based games and activities to better engage students and/or clients in their social-emotional and mental wellness practices.

We have also done work with corporations looking to improve their overall wellness and increase their sense of "TEAM".

Each workshop can be catered to the needs of the prospective participants. For example, if you were  interested in learning games and activities pertinent only to primary aged students, or youth, or to use with families we can narrow the focus of the workshop. Otherwise the workshop would be done in a method that would address a broad range of the participants. 

Please contact Inquiry Adventures to book your "Adventures in Social Emotional Learning" workshop.



"Thank you for the resources and for taking the time to present such an informed and relevant workshop.  Your workshop was a tall cool glass of water in a hot dry desert."

D. Krall
Grade 6 Teacher, Surrey School District

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